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Product name

Gel Battery

GE(GEL)seriesisdesignedforsolarandotherrenewableenergysystemapplicationswitha10yeardesignlife. itisidealforstandbyorfrequentcyclicdischargeapplicationsunderextremeenvironments.Byusingstronggrids,highp
Serial number
GE Series
Product description
Product Specifications

GE (GEL) series is designed for solar and other renewable energy system applications with a 10 year design life. it is ideal for standby or frequent cyclic discharge applications under extreme environments.By using strong grids, high purity lead and patented Gel electrolyte, the GE series offers excellent recovery after deep discharge under frequent cyclic discharge use, and can deliver over 400 cycles at 100% DOD. Suitable for solar,CATV, marine, RV and deep discharge UPS,communication , and telecommunication , etc.

Capacity: 2V: 100 AH to 3000 AH; 12V: 12AH ~ 250AH  

Charge voltage: Cycle use: 2.30~2.35V/cell;  Float use: 2.23~2.27V/cell 

Charge current: The initial current less then 0.3CA



  • Structure

Effective mechanical design presents robust structure and higher energy density.

  • Separator

High temperature stability, mechanical strength and low acid displacement.

  • GEL Electrolyte

Gelified electrolyte suspends acid stratification, does not need to be replenished, because it does not evaporate.

  • Ventilation

High quality vent valve with low tolerances in opening and closing pressure reduces gassing rate significantly.


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