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JYC Technical Advantages

1, Grid with optimal design has the excellent electrical conductivity, anti- corrosion passivation properties.

2, Active lead pastes made with JYCs self researched formula and technique posse better endurance.

3, Advanced plates welding, casting and through wall welding technique, make sure the sturdy welding and low internal resistance.

4, Adopted special adding acid technology to make sure the consistency of each piece of battery.

5, All series of batteries are make with same battery formation technology, more efficient and environmental friendly.  

6, Self researched and developed AGM-GEL and GEL technique, more excellent deep cycle performance


Unique Products Technology



As an important part of VRLA battery, the existence of the plates determines the capacity of a battery. Therefore, our engineers likened the manufacturing process of the plate to the fetal development in mother’s body, and make great efforts to build a solid foundation for active material and battery performance.





JYC uses 1# electrolytic lead with the purity of 99.994% as the raw material, and then combined with other raw materials casting into lead alloy. The high quality materials and technology has enabled us to produce grids with high density and high Sn content.   




#1 electrolytic lead, after being cast or cut into lead pellets, we use the advanced Shimadzu ball mill to grind, screen, and then mix with secret recipe materials to made the high-quality lead paste, strong water absorption, not sticky and easy Shaped.



Curing and drying-

we create a low-temperature, high-humidity environment for the plates. Staying in curing oven under the serious controlled time to make the lead paste on the plate become harden, to give a good bond between the grid and paste. And the free lead in the plate is required to reduced to a minimum of 1.5%, far below the average of 4%.

Battery Formation                                                                                               

JYCs self researched formation technique applied in all series of JYC batteries, process in which unformed plates were assembled into batteries case. This manufacturing technique largely reduce the cost, increase the service life, reserve our friendly environment.

And JYC obtained Environmental assessment & acceptance certificate for consecutive years.


Unique manufacturing process

Welding, Through wall welding, Internal resistance detecting, ABS heat sealing, Air tightness testing and Acid filling conducted in the same automated assembly line. Among all manufacturers of China mainland, JYC is the first one to realize continuing, large-scale & mass production, largely reduced the waste and production cost.